Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Flavia Padovan - Beach Moda

Flavia Padovan comes from a family line of creating luxurious beach wear and in  2000 she decided to branch out  and launch her own line.

Over the past decade Flavia Padovan has gained international presence and is one of the most representative brands made in her home country and across the pond.

Flavia's key pieces consist of bikinis, one-pieces and caftans that are handmade right down to the last detail. Each design is exquisitely crafted with beads, sequins, crochets, crystals and pendants.

Lookbook 2013

To take a look at her beach wear visit: Cityblis Webstore or Flavia Padovan.

Sweet & Co Jewelry

Sugary cupcakes are the best remedies for any relationship brake-up or for when you have the craving to eat something sweet and mouth-watering tasty.

Cupcakes are even better when you find them not just in sweets or cake shops but in the world of fashion - the jewelry realm and I have found the perfect brand ‘Sweet & Co’.

Sweet & Co designs have been around since 2005 (that’s eight years) and it’s only now I and some of you have discovered this sweet-tastic brand. Sweet & Co’s concept is “Sweet + Fun + Girly” which equals the sweetest females to be spoiled by delicious jewelry choices of cupcakes, ice-creams and donuts.

All of their designs are fun and girly but my favourite is the Mini Cupcake and Slice Cake Crystal Charm Bracelet at £26.99 sold on the Cityblis Webstore. Apart from the fact that it’s girly – I have always wanted a charm bracelet and so I will make it my mission to bag this one.

If you’re looking to get you jewelry sugar-fix then you can hit-them-up (contact) at to sign up to their newsletters for info on accessories trends, promos, special request, questions or comments.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Blogger Event 2013 @ Company Magazine

Want to start your own blog or want to develop the one you have already? if yes, then please read on.

I realized that it had been a while since I read one of my favorite magazines which is Company and so I decided to purchase the July issue. After reading a few pages about the latest trends and cool articles I came across the Blogging Forum event which is to be held on Monday 24th June at 18.30 to 20:30

On the night there will be Special guest speakers such as Susie Bubble, Sally Burlison - PR and Social Media Manager of OhMyLove! and a few more guests. Also, bloggers shall taste some bubbly and be given a goodie bag,  which will go down a treat. 

Company Magazines Blogger Forum is the perfect place for  bloggers to know and understand how to take their  blogs to the next level.

Tickets @ £25 > Book Tickets Here 
Blogging Forum Held At - King’s College London, Guy's Campus, Lecture Theatre 2, New Hunts House, London, SE1 1UL.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Africa Fashion Week 2013

Africa Fashion Week 2013 will forecast African and African inspired designs on the catwalk in London. During AFW, fashionistas can enjoy beautiful exotic models sporting 100’s of handcrafted chic-cultural-prints and source 100’s of exhibitors fine afrocentric key pieces for your wardrobes.

AFW also celebrates London’s unique and diverse cultural heritage, topped with the flamboyant mixing of Western and African culture through fashion at the same time. 

Standard: £15-£25 & VIP: £50-£70

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Shoes Glorious Shoes!

Do you have a fetish for shoes and a person who is always on the search for comfy high heels? if yes, then please read this post as I have found just what you're looking for by a chic footwear designer.

Maria Lorenzo is an Italian shoe designer that provides fashionistas with exquisite shoes made from the finest material and bold colours.  

Maria is a former model and wanted to find perfect shoes that don’t just look fabulous but are also comfortable with longevity.

Maria like most women is a lover of high heels and decided to research within her home country Italy and after much hard work she had found the source for all womens shoe problems.

Her idea was to design insoles in specific places and balanced platforms to enable a more balanced weight without pushing the weight to the heel or toes of the shoes.

Now you can sashay around and feel comfortable in Maria Lorenzo's fabulous footwear for a long time.

*Maria Lorenzo’s collection is also stocked on the Cityblis Webstore

New Fashion Label - Butch Diva

MasterPiece Dress £131.00

Butch Diva - a noun which means (1) female excluding confidence (2) masculine tendies/androgynous attitude (3) bold (4) commander of attention (5) boss lady (6) aggressive (7) provocative and (8) highly sought after.

Butch Diva Summer 2013 collection is unique and chic and what I love about this label is that it pushes the boundaries within the fashion world with exquisite graphic prints, strips, miss-matched ensembles and bold designs.

I have fallen hard for this label as I am a fashionista whom at times plays it safe when it  boils down to trends. However, this label expresses many personalities for their clientele and I know that I am noun number (5) 'boss lady' mixed with being feminine and that is what I love about the designs.

I stumbled across Butch Diva at the Cityblis website that advertise 1000's of unique designers work across the globe. So, if you're looking for fashion-forward designer trends to buy or you're a writer, photographer or designer that wants to showcase work  then Cityblis Media Centre is the place to go.

*Butch Diva Summer 20013 Collection >


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cityblis - Fashion Media Centre

Would you like to have access on EXCLUSIVE  designer collections, trends, images and more?

Well, I have the best news for you as I was contacted via email by Sam Bell who is the Media Director for Cityblis - a high-profile fashion website that enables media professionals like you to gain access on event invitations, press releases, launch parties, media content and samples.

Cityblis curate thousands of independent designers across 50 countries which allows bloggers and other professionals to: (1) credit a designers work by using attached links on each video and image; (2) receive daily fashion updates by Cityblis Media Centre to contact designers, see new collections and receive product launches and (3) reporting the news to gain access to designer events, press releases and fashion content directly from designers and fashion professionals from Europe, Australia and USA.

Cityblis provides bloggers with content creators and then delivers blog post and articles directly to consumers and readers. Cityblis is the best platform to source all the information you need in order to inform followers on trends across the globe and help designers and media professionals gain exposure.

Web: Cityblis

Fashion Label - Copperpeace

"Copperpeace is the brainchild of designer and musician Johnna Lynn, who, with a team of skilled artisans, handcrafts leather-goods under the sunny skies of Los Angeles, California". By Cityblis

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I ♥♥ Nail Polish - Maybelline Colorshow

I am a nail polish lover thanks to my late grandmother who had me painting my nails from an early age. Fast-forward to adulthood and nail polish has become my “cant go without” fashion statement - it’s a part of my identity. Some people like makeup, I love nail polish.

My favorite brand at the moment that’s a real hit on the runway (literally) is Maybelline Colorshow.  This line has been inspired straight from the runway with bright, vibrant and bold colour palettes for SS 2013 due to a formulated transparent gel-base.

Fashionistas can choose from – Power Green (754), Coral Reefs (110), Purple Gem (553) and Orange Attack (341). There are loads more to choose from as well as other little beauty treats.

It's A Girl!

Okay, so it’s been a long time since I wrote a post *shame faced*. However I am back on it again  - *thumbs up*.

I’d thought I bring it your attention if you’re someone who is a closeted Kardashian fan like me that it has been announced that Kimye are expecting a baby girl in July 2013. Yay!

It was published in US Weekly that the high profile duo had recently found out at their ultrasound appointment the sex of their first child back in December. Hmm.. funny how we are only finding out now due to Season 8 of Keeping Up With The Kardashains.

A source explained to Us Weekly that Kim 32 and Kanye 35: “Are over the moon - Kanye always wanted a girl”

Another source close to pair told “Kim has always dreamed of having a little girl and now she has her wish! Everyone is so excited. Now it’s pink, pink, and pink!”